Schallendes Lachen


Posted on: Juli 27, 2009

The Pope had died, and was greeted at the gates of Heaven by St. Peter, who welcomed him warmly. After a brief orientation he asked the Pope what it was he wanted most to do. The Pope answered that he would like to read the original, hand-written texts that became the bible. So St. Peter led him to the holy library, and left him to read to his heart’s content.
Hours later St. Peter became concerned when he heard the Pope shout, „there’s an ‚R‘ in this word!!!“. He started walking towards the library, to see what was the matter, when he heard the Pope shout,“That’s an ‚E‘, not an ‚I‘!!!“. St. Peter ran the rest of the way to the library, where he was greeted by the Pope, standing in the doorway holding one of the texts. He asked the Pope why he was making such a ruckus, and the Pope responded, „This says ‚celebrate‘, not ‚celibate‘!!“.

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