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Posted on: August 3, 2009

The Bus Is Recovering Nicely:
„Boy, 12, Charged in Bus Stabbing“
(Boston Globe, Sept. 25, 2003)

Isn’t This Putting the Cart Before the Hearse?:
„France Debates Euthanasia After Funeral“
(Associated Press)

But if They Have a Healthy Son, They’ll Love Him All the Same:
„Parents Hoping for Comatose Daughter“
(Associated Press)

Can’t He Walk?:
„GOP to Try Pushing Judge Through Senate“
(Associated Press)

That Must’ve Hurt:
„State Department Official Slams Pentagon“
(Associated Press)

If Abusing Your Face Is a Crime, He’ll Get the Chair for Sure:
„Jackson Surrenders to Face Abuse Charges“
(Associated Press)

With the Coroner Dead, How Do They Know the Cause?:
„Struggle With Cincinnati Police Killed Man, Coroner“

Did Anyone Tell the Moon?:
„Sun Opts Out of Eclipse“
(Information Week)

That Should Make Them Easy to Recognize:
„Missing Hikers in Maine Possibly Spotted“
(Associated Press)

Burning Toddlers:
„Tulane Professor Uses Kids to Create Energy“
(Tulane University press release)

Most of Us Just Get Wings:
„Cincinnati Cops Get Stun Guns After Death“
(Associated Press)

That Would Save the Trouble of Counting the Votes:
„Fla. May Need Disabled Voting Machines“
(Associated Press)

Why Not Stick Them in the Microwave Instead?:
„Pakistan to Grill Nuke Experts“
(Straits Times [Singapore])

Babies Having Babies: How did her unborn child get pregnant?
A Reuters dispatch describes Laci Peterson as „a pregnant California woman whose husband is charged with murdering her and the fetus of her unborn child.“

Home-Sexual Marriage:
„Virginia House Accepts Marriage Proposal“
(Washington Times)

Someone Better Untie Them So They Can Take Notes:
„More Hispanics Bound for College“
(Houston Chronicle)

Most Doctors Would Attack It:
„Psychiatrists Defend Illness“
(Home News Tribune [East Brunswick, N.J.])

She’d Probably Like a Delay:
„Federal Grand Jury to Help in Sheriff’s Wife’s Murder“
(WTOP-AM Web site [Washington])

That’s Gotta Hurt:
„Police Hold Woman Over Deadly Paris Hotel Fire“

Doesn’t the Military Have Its Own Bomb Trucks?:
„Taliban Bomb Trucks Carrying Oil for U.S. Military“


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